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The emperor is coming back!
December 18th, 2016 - 10:41 EST

My lord, the immemorial emperor is coming backGenghis Khan in this week.

Well, let us see how strong he is!

All best exclusive properties!




Skill: Dodge increases ATK (Stack Available)

Double Damage


Yes, every players have chance to get him for free, let's see how to recruit him.


Own 7 super rare heroes to claim him at Hot event during 24th29th Dec. At this Christmas, you are not alone.

The 7 heroes list as below, and they will coming from 19th-29th Dec as well in different places!


Lucky Wheel

Event Time: Dec 19thDec 22th



Event Time: Dec 19thDec 22th


Lucky Wheel

Event Time: Dec 23thDec 25th


Single Recharge

Event Time: Dec 20thDec 23th


Total Recharge Event

Event Time: Dec 24th-Dec 28th


Tavern Event (Time Limited & VIP13 Super hero limited coming!)

Event Time: Dec 23th-Dec 28th




During 24th28h


The Blessed Chestevent will come back as well with the exclusive gears for Genghis Khan!

Don't miss him at this time!







Empire: Revenant Ops

Best Regard


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Facebook Fan Page:




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I'll give you a real birthday present tonight.
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