Faction Battle
Territory is the most important resource for every country. In the faction battle, you are the best warrior to defend your Empire and your people.
You are able to brandish your sword for this event when you reach Level 54. Not only for Epic Chests, Gems, Silver, Gold and Fame, plenty of such treasures, but for your imperial pride.
The battle starts at 20:30 every day for 20 Mins. It is nothing but kill or be killed.

Don’t neglect these function items. Make good use of them will help you win and maximize loots. Now the war has begun!

Faction Battle Rules
1.Kill 1 Rival player to increase 1 kill number and obtain personal points
2.Player with the highest Personal Point will be appointed as Marshal.
3.Output points vary from land to land. Occupying rival land offers the most points.
4.Output resource vary from land to land, resetting at intervals.
5.Players can Dig Gold after CD.
6.Attack rivals in Faction Battle to obtain attacking rewards and reduce dig Gold CD.
7.You will return to headquarters for reviving after killed.


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